McClain Laboratories - Specializing in Dermatopathology

McClain Laboratories, LLC is a full service anatomic pathology lab offering a wide range of services to our patients and healthcare professionals nationwide. We provide the most sensitive and accurate dermatopathology diagnosis in the profession.

Use McClain Labs For:

Skin, hair, and nail evaluation
Melanoma diagnosis and margin examination
Analysis of delayed wound healing
Second opinions to rule out false negatives

Foreign body and tick ID
Microorganism detection and identification
Direct immunofluorescence testing
Immunohistochemistry stains

Why McClain Labs is better:

Accurate margin control using photographic methods
Morphological classification of fungal organisms
Rapid turnaround time and STAT reports
Reliable access to our pathologists by phone & text
Calibrated photographs on every report
All insurance plans accepted

Steve A. McClain
Board certified in Anatomic & Clinical
Pathology & Dermatopathology